Duct Repair & Replacement: A Definitive Guide

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Duct Repair & Replacement: A Definitive Guide for Homeowners

 Duct problems can be elusive and creep up over time, or suddenly appear overnight. The condition of your ducts directly affects the quality of your air conditioning or heating. Time, wear and tear, and other issues can interfere with the function of your ducts.

At Integrity Air, we work with homeowners and businesses to help maintain, repair, and replace their ductwork. There are several things you should look for that signal there is a problem and a duct repair is needed. Below you will find the top 10 signs to look for that point to a duct repair or replacement in your future.

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10 Signs You Need a Duct Repair

While some of these signs may be easy to identify, others may be harder to pin down. If you are at all concerned about your duct system, be sure to give us a call. We can diagnose and evaluate the problem, and help you decide on the best solution.

In our experience, there are lots of signs your ducts are failing. However, these 10 signs are the most common:

1 – Moldy or Unappealing Smells

Have you noticed funny, unusual, or nasty smells around your home with no particular cause? Your ducts may be to blame.

When the temperature is uneven or unregulated both inside and outside of your ductwork, this can result in mold or mildew. For example, if warm air travels in cold ducts, condensation forms. If this continues for weeks or months at a time, mold or mildew will grow. The smell then gets pushed through your vents and into your home.

Mold and mildew growth can lead to a slew of health problems for you and your family members. It can also deteriorate furniture and the structural integrity of your home. If you smell any weird or bad smell consistently, a problem in your ductwork may be to blame.

2- Pest Problems

Pest infestations can also signal the need for a duct repair or replacement. Leaks or holes in your ductwork can make the perfect entry point for rodents and bugs. Pest problems are often marked by bad smells, weird noises, and other unpleasant signs.

The best way to resolve damage or blocks in your ductwork from pests is to hire a professional. A thorough inspection and expert solutions will resolve the problem.

3- Respiratory Problems

Do you find yourself sneezing or coughing more than usual? Do your allergies seem to be more intense than normal? Before you reach for another allergy pill, consider that your home’s ductwork may be contributing to respiratory problems and other related issues.

Ductwork facilitates the flow of air in your home. With airflow comes the transport of allergens, pollen, dust, and pollutants. If your ducts have holes or leaks in them, your indoor air quality may be harmful or hazardous.

4- Debris is Accumulating Around Your Vents

Do you notice marks around your vents? Dark markings or debris mean that your air is dirty. This sign usually happens over time, so it may be difficult to notice right away.

This debris consists of dirt, lint, pet hair, and dust. You will want to receive a professional inspection right away to address excess debris. If this debris blows around your home for an extended period, you may experience health problems or allergies. A thorough cleaning, or a duct repair or replacement, should resolve the issue.

5- Your Ducts are ‘Tangled’

Ducts can become tangled or kinked over time. The impact from a tree branch, rocks, or other items can dent your ducts and restrict airflow. Basements and garages are areas in your home that are particularly vulnerable to duct impacts.

You’ll notice a decrease in airflow and an increase in your energy bills if one of your ducts is kinked. There may also be holes or leaks in your ducts that result from twists or bends in the ducts.

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6- Your Ductwork is Old

Do you know how old your ducts are?

Old ducts are more susceptible to damage and other problems. Issues can appear suddenly or over time as your ducts wear down.

If you live in an older home, you should be particularly careful about older ducts. Homes built in the seventies may still contain traces of asbestos, which can leak into your home through your ducts. New, more efficient ductwork should be considered so you can get the most out of your money and avoid any possible health problems.

7- There is Dust Everywhere

Have you noticed an increase in the dust in your home?

You may want to double check your ducts. Damaged ducts do not filter out dust and debris effectively. Dust can creep in through holes or leaks, blowing right into your home. Excessive dust can lead to health problems and respiratory issues.

If you suspect your ductwork is faulty, be sure to contact one of our HVAC professionals to request a duct repair or replacement.

8- Your Home Doesn’t Heat/Cool Evenly

Are certain rooms in your home less warm or cool than other areas?

This may be because your ducts are blocked, kinked, or damaged in certain areas. It is important to pay attention to the subtle, but important red flag. To resolve the difference in temperature, a duct repair is almost always necessary.

9- Your Bills are Higher than Usual

No matter what the problem is with your ducts, one of the most general signs that there is an issue is an increase in your monthly bill.

If your duct system is not running efficiently or has a blockage or leak, the system has to work harder to keep your home’s temperature regulated. Thus, you will notice a change in your monthly bill’s total.

10- Your HVAC System is Noisy

While your HVAC system may not be completely noiseless, it shouldn’t be disturbing or annoyingly loud.

Rattling noises, squeaks, or other strange noises are an indication that there may be joint damage in the ducts or holes somewhere in the ductwork.

This is a symptom that should not be ignored. If your system suddenly starts making a bunch of noise, it is time for a professional inspection and duct repair.

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