10 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Tech After a Heating Repair

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Top Questions to Ask After a Heating Repair

 It’s that time of year again — heating repair season! If you are like most of our clients living here in the Pacific Northwest, you likely turned on your heater for the first time this past month. With damp, frigid temperatures here to stay for several more months, heating repair and maintenance should be at the top of your home to-do list.

With decades of combined experience among our heating repair experts, today we’re sharing the top 10 questions you need to ask your HVAC tech after any heating repair. Knowing the right questions to ask and when will ensure your furnace or other heating system always works as it is intended.

This article will help you:

  • Identify which questions to ask after a professional heating repair
  • Feel confident that your repair is complete and thorough
  • Understand how to prevent problems & maintain your unit moving forward
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10 Questions to Ask After a Heating Repair

Some of the questions below may apply to your situation, while others may not. Regardless, read through the following 10 questions to help get your mind churning. Focusing on the concerns you want to address with your HVAC tech once your heating repair is complete will ensure a smooth experience from beginning to end.

1 – Why Did this Problem Occur?

One of the best ways to prevent costly heating repairs in the future is to understand why they occur in the first place. Was the cause of your heating repair preventable? Was there anything you could have done to change the outcome of the repair? Would acting sooner to receive professional assistance have made a difference? Or is this particular repair blameless in nature, and ultimately due to wear and tear? These are all questions to consider, especially if it means you can be more proactive later on down the line to prevent or ease the need for heating repair assistance.

2 – Where Did the Problem Originate?

Your furnace or other heating system is made up of several different components. Ask for help understanding where the problem occurred within your system. General “repair” language is not always helpful if you want to understand the problem. Don’t be shy about asking for a more in-depth explanation of where the problem occurred in your unit. Client education should be included with any professional heating repair. You may find it helpful to have your tech walk you through the repair visually by showing you their work once it is complete.

3 – What Solution Solved the Problem?

Next, be sure to ask what solution ultimately solved the problem. Was a particular part out of place, broken, or worn? Was a part faulty due to manufacturer defects? Is there a warranty for the particular solution that was used for your heating repair? All of these considerations will help you understand how the problem was fixed and clue you in to any pertinent information that will help you maintain your system in the future.

4 – Is the Solution a Short-Term or Long-Term Fix?

Sometimes, heating repair solutions are just quick fixes. This may be because a heating replacement is imminent and short-term solutions work best until you can replace the entire system itself, or budget for a better solution. Ask your HVAC tech how long they anticipate their solution to last and if you should prepare for more work to occur in the coming months or by next season.

5 – When Do I Need to Have My Unit Serviced Again?

Before you let your HVAC tech walk away, ask when you should schedule service again. For some heating repairs, it may be necessary for your technician to come back sooner rather than later just to check-up on the repair and make sure everything is in working order. Schedule a follow-up call or in-person appointment so you know there is follow through on your repair and you won’t be left wondering what comes next.

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6 – What Steps Do You Recommend I Take Next?

There may be steps you can take on your own to maintain the integrity of your heating repair. Depending on the nature of the problem, there may be certain tasks you should keep in mind that will either prevent the problem from occurring again or to ensure the current repair lasts as long as possible.

7 – What Preventative Measures Can I Follow?

Preventative maintenance is crucial for homeowners to stay on top of. Depending on the age of your unit and the quirks it may be facing this year, you may need to do a little more or a little less to maintain your unit. Ask your HVAC about preventative measures you can take that will help bring a little peace of mind.

8 – How Much Longer Will My Unit Last?

Another good question to ask after a heating repair relates to the age and longevity of your unit. Furnaces and other heating systems are not meant to last forever. For example, your furnace will only last about 15 to 18 years, depending on annual maintenance and tune-ups. Ask for an estimate on the age of your unit if you are unsure and whether or not your technician anticipates that a complete replacement may be necessary next year.

9 – How Can I Best Maintain My Unit?

Ask about maintenance steps, including scheduled maintenance appointments. After a heating repair, you may want to schedule another appointment for maintenance midway through the season and at the end of the season. Although this may seem excessive, it may be necessary to receive in-person maintenance more often than not to keep an aging system working for as long as possible.

10 – How Do I Know if I Need a Tech to Come Back?

Before you wrap up your appointment, ask your HVAC tech to relay any signs or symptoms you need to be on the lookout for that indicate you need to have them come back out. Don’t forget to grab the name of the technician you worked with, too. That way, you can request the same HVAC tech to come back out for additional heating repair or follow-up.

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Now you are ready to tackle any heating repair that may come your way. Asking the right questions helps you identify how you can prevent future problems and best maintain your system. The next time you request a professional heating repair, don’t hesitate to ask questions! Take advantage o the time spent with your HVAC technician to ensure you understand your system issue and how to prevent similar problems from creeping back up again.

Heating repair in Portland is our specialty! Our HVAC technicians at Integrity Air have years of professional experience repairing and working with systems of all kinds. No matter what issues or repairs you are facing, we guarantee we always find the source of the problem and the right solution to meet your needs.

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