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Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest often brings freezing rains and frigid temperatures. Firing up your heater to stay warm is a necessity, especially for those cold, dark days when damp air and biting winds chill you to the bone. Heater maintenance throughout the year is the best way to ensure your heater works properly from the moment the first hint of Fall seeps into the atmosphere.

Integrity Air LLC helps homeowners in the Portland-metro area with heater maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We have found that the best way to prevent significant problems with your heating system is to perform regular maintenance tasks. Keep reading to learn how you can best clean and care for your heating system this season and for years to come.


There are several reasons why heater maintenance is essential. Too often, homeowners neglect to take proper care of their heaters. If this is the case, preventable repairs or replacements often result. Every homeowner needs to make it a priority to maintain their heating systems if they want to enjoy the following perks:

Extend the Life of Your Heating System
If you are like most homeowners, you inevitably want to make sure that your home appliances last as long as possible. Longevity doesn’t happen by happenstance — it comes from a conscious effort to maintain your appliances well. Your home heating system should be near the top of your list for yearly home maintenance, even in the summer. Later in this article, you will learn why heater maintenance, even in the summertime, is a wise idea.

Keep Monthly Bills Low
Efficiency is key when it comes to your heating system. A properly functioning heater has performance capabilities that allow it to function just right. If your heater is not well-maintained, it will have to work twice as hard to heat your home. Thus, you can expect to see an increase over time in your monthly utility bills. However, if you put some extra time and effort into maintenance, you can count on your home staying warm when it counts without wrecking your budget.

Prevent Getting Caught Off Guard By Cold Weather
There is nothing worse than going to turn on your heater when the weather suddenly drops, only to find that your furnace is broken, your vents are clogged, or your heater is in some state of malfunction. Proper maintenance year-round means that you can turn on your heating system with confidence.

By keeping up with repairs, cleaning, and other maintenance tasks, you can start using your heater right away. Rather than scrambling to fix your furnace when winter suddenly strikes, you can simply turn on your heater and enjoy some much-needed warmth.

Ensure Your Family Stays Comfortable
Yearly heater maintenance is the best way to guarantee that your loved ones stay warm. When your family is cold, the last thing you want to deal with is a sudden repair or replacement that could take as much as a day to complete. You can avoid a lot of drama and hardship this winter by taking heater maintenance procedures seriously.

Top Heater Maintenance Tips to Follow

The following tasks are not difficult to perform. Most homeowners can take care of heater maintenance on their own. However, if you are more comfortable having a specialist take care of certain maintenance tasks, don’t hesitate to call a professional to assist you. Follow these helpful tips to keep your furnace in good shape this year:

Replace the Furnace Filter
Replacing your furnace filter on your own is fairly straightforward. First, you will need to find out what kind of filter you have. Furnace filters are usually framed in either plastic or cardboard. Plastic filters are reusable, whereas cardboard filters need to be thrown out and replaced completely.

Once you have determined which type of filter you own, you can purchase a replacement at a hardware store, home center, or online. After you have a new filter in hand, you are ready to install it. Be sure to look for the instructions on the filter itself that indicate which direction the filter needs to face when it is in place.

Clean the Heater Vents and Air Ducts
To clean your heater vents, you will need to turn off the heating system first. Once the power has been turned off, unscrew the vent covers and thoroughly clean them. Then, be sure to clean inside the vents themselves. Use a vacuum to clear out as much dust and build-up as possible.

Keep the Space Around Your Heater Clear
Next, you will want to clean and sweep near the area where your main heating system resides. Anything flammable within proximity of your heater should be moved. Any debris or dust on the ground should be cleared away. You will greatly reduce the risk of a fire by keeping the space around your furnace or heater clean.

Hire a Professional for an Inspection
A professional inspection is recommended at least once a year for homeowners. Thanks to their experience and training, HVAC specialists can catch problems that the everyday person might miss. It is always advantageous for homeowners to hire an expert for an annual inspection.


What to Expect During a Furnace Tune-up

If you plan on hiring a professional for a furnace tune-up, there are several tasks you can count on to be accomplished. Although there is no industry standard, here are some of the procedures you can expect to be performed during a professional furnace adjustment and cleaning:

Blower Compartment Cleaning – Dirt and dust often collect in the blower compartment of home furnaces. This is because airborne debris is constantly being drawn into the furnace.

Wiring and Burner Adjustments – By tightening wires and ensuring connections within your furnace are stable, costly repairs can be prevented.

Heat Exchanger and Gas Pressure Inspection – Both the heat exchanger and gas pressure levels contribute to heating the air within the furnace. Keeping these parts well maintained is imperative if you want to keep your heater running well.

Pilot Light Inspection – During a furnace tune-up, a professional will check the pilot light. They will examine the color and characteristics of the flame, as well as make minor adjustments as necessary.

Airflow Checks – Your inspection should include vent checks. Clear vents and proper airflow are necessary if you want your home to heat evenly and efficiently.

Safety and Efficiency Checks – The best part about receiving a furnace tune-up is the additional safety check that will be performed. A professional will be able to identify any potential problems or worsening repairs that may be present.

Recommendations for Repairs – After your tune-up has been performed, you may receive recommendations for future repairs to invest in. Getting a heads-up for what may be next in terms of your furnace maintenance will help you establish a game plan moving forward with little to no surprises.

Why You Should Repair Your Furnace in the Summer

During the summertime, the health of your heating system may be the last thing on your mind. However, we recommend furnace replacements, inspections, and repairs during the summer months for several reasons. First, know that purchasing a new furnace during summer is the best way to save money. A lot of HVAC companies have a surplus of heaters, furnaces, and other systems during the off-season. You are most likely to receive the best deal on a new furnace by purchasing it in the summer.

Secondly, consider the fact that most HVAC companies are exceptionally busy during the Spring and Fall as people prepare for the impending change in season. During the summertime, it is more convenient for both homeowners and HVAC specialists to perform furnace installations. You will have more options for scheduling and will likely receive your replacement or repair more quickly compared to any other time of the year.

Finally, working with an HVAC specialist during the summertime gives you time to research heating systems if you need a replacement. Rather than rushing into a decision, you can take your time to find the right system or brand model. Without the stress of winter right around the corner, you can make a decision without feeling pressured to make it quickly.

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