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Integrity Air LLC proudly provides local HVAC services, heating and cooling Portland and Vancouver homes and companies all year long.

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Your Heating and AC Service Professionals in Portland, OR

Integrity Air is your local Portland heating and cooling company. We provide ductless heating and air conditioning installation, heating and cooling system installs, green upgrades, AC and furnace repairs, and air conditioning and heating system maintenance.

Our team of experts service all types of home heating and air conditioning systems, including:

Ductless mini-split systems Forced air
HVAC Air conditioning units
Furnace Central air
Heat pumps Wall-mounted AC

Most Portland homes have one of the above heating and cooling systems. The Integrity Air service professionals have been installing and repairing these types of systems, improving efficiency and making upgrades for years. We are your local, neighborhood HVAC experts.


Are You Searching for “Air Conditioner Near Me”? We Have You Covered!


From air conditioner installation to maintenance and AC repair, Integrity Air does it all. Our team of trained and knowledgable technicians is on call to fix your air conditioning problems. While some AC repair issues are unique, there are some very common problems that we see again and again throughout the city of Portland. These include:

– AC is not turning on
– Air conditioner not cooling
– AC is blowing hot air
– The AC or HVAC system has a strange smell when turned on
– A grinding noise coming from the AC
– Leaks from the AC unit
– A “change filter” light that won’t shut off
– Parts of the house not cooling down in spite of having vents

These are just a few of the most usual AC repair issues we encounter on a day-to-day basis. Our team is trained to make air conditioning repairs as rapidly as possible – often getting the system back on-line within the first visit.

Looking for the Portland Furnace Repair Experts? You Have Found Us!

We repair furnaces, heat pumps, and forced air systems in Portland homes from NorthEast to Southwest.

The Integrity Air team works across Multnomah county to service furnaces and heating systems throughout the spring, fall, and winter. We see all kinds of issues with a variety of furnace makes and models. However, here are some of the more common furnace problems we see day-to-day:

– Furnace or heating system not turning on
– Thermostat says a room is warm, but it’s not
– Strange smells coming from the furnace
– Heat system is constantly cycling
– Furnace is blowing cold air
– Furnace is making a grinding noise or gives off other odd sounds
– Sky-high heating bills that don’t match what you paid last year
– Pilot light won’t light or won’t stay lit
– Alerts don’t seem to shut off, even when you believe you’ve fixed them

These are just a few of the many issues that can occur with a heating system. At Integrity Air, we provide heating system maintenance, repair, replacement, and new installation. If you aren’t getting the most out of your furnace, we hope you will contact us.


Your Heating and AC Service Professionals in Portland, OR

Air conditioning repair

Integrity Air provides air conditioner repair for most home cooling systems, from central air to ductless units.

Furnace repair

Our team of local experts can service your furnace, heat pump, or forced air system – rain or shine.

Ductless heating and cooling

Many Portland homes don’t have the ductwork required for traditional central air. Integrity Air is your local ductless heating and cooling installation expert. Contact us today to get your system in place.

Heating and cooling services

We are passionate about providing a full range of heating and cooling services, from maintenance to repair to installation. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in your home.


Do You Need AC Repair in Portland, OR?

Your Heating and AC Service Professionals in Portland, OR

Portland is a sprawling city stretching across the Willamette River and bordered on the north by the Columbia River. The city itself is broken down into five sections, North, NE, NW, SE, and SW. Each of these sections have their own smaller neighborhoods, like West Moreland, Brooklyn, Hollywood, and Forest Park.

Because Portland sprawls across hillsides and over the Willamette, the city has many microclimates that make the weather a bit unpredictable. If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you have probably heard the expression “If you don’t like the weather, wait a couple of minutes.” This is true during every season, with winds blowing from the Columbia Gorge or across a local creek, causing temperatures to warm up or cool down depending on the weather elsewhere.

Whether you live in downtown Portland or out in Sellwood, you have likely experienced some very hot summers lately. The average summertime temperatures in Portland usually stay around 80° F. But, most summers have days with much higher temperatures, some reaching above 100° F.

With unpredictable summertime heat, it’s important to keep your home comfortable with an efficient cooling system. At Integrity Air, we have the experience to help you find the right AC system for your home, no matter where you are located in Portland.


Do You Need AC Repair in Portland, OR?

If you have an older craftsman or victorian home, or even a ranch style home built back in the 1970’s, you probably don’t have all of the ductwork in place for a standard central air system. The experts at Integrity Air are all locals. We live and work here in Portland and in the surrounding communities – so we are familiar with the unique heating and cooling issues in our city.

Contact us today. We will provide you with an affordable cooling solution for your home – no matter the style or when it was built.

Our clients say…

“I got quotes from Costco, Home Depot, and Lowes. Integrity Air beat the cheapest of the 3 (Costco) by $800 for the exact same AC unit from Lennox. Pedro Rivera did the most thorough evaluation of the job needed and explained every step and even found some issues with the heating unit that were addressed fixed. Steve did the install with no issues and as planned. Showed up on time and finished on time. They submitted all the warranty documents on the behalf and we got an email copy. I can’t say enough good things about Integrity Air. Get as many quotes for your AC Install but also make sure you get one from these guys. I am sure they will gain your business. I recommend them without any reservations.” – Carlos R.

Your Portland Heating and Furnace Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Service!


Effective heating is vital to living comfortably in Portland. We have pretty mild winters – with average lows of 36° F in December. However, most Portland neighborhoods usually experience at least a few freezing days every year. Sometimes we have very early freezes in the fall and other times we only get one or two days of freezing temperatures the whole winter. No matter what the weather is like one year to the next, one thing will remain consistent. You will want your heater on at some point in fall, winter, and/or spring.

Integrity Air understands all of the various heating systems used in Portland homes, and we can service just about all of them. We keep our trucks stocked with common parts, tools needed, and more to keep our repair times down so you can warm up your home rapidly in the case of a system failure on a cold day.

We offer more than just heating system and furnace repair. Our expert technicians can provide new system installation, furnace maintenance, heating system replacement, and more.

Whether you need immediate repairs on your furnace or you are hoping to upgrade your heating system before winter – contact us today. We will provide you with a free, in-home estimate with your home’s unique system and your budget in mind.

We Work With Your Contractor or Home Builder

Your Heating and AC Service Professionals in Portland, OR

Integrity Air is proud to work with your builder or remodeler. We work with home builders and contractors throughout Portland to upgrade HVAC systems, install energy-efficient units, or do completely new installations.

Our team is happy to work directly with a homeowner, contractor, or builder on any new installation project. Contact us to get started.



Your Heating and AC Service Professionals in Portland, OR

The professional team of installers and HVAC experts here at Integrity Air Heating and Cooling Systems always has one thing in mind: your comfort. That’s why we are proud to offer exceptional service during every aspect of your experience with us. Here’s what you can expect when you work with Integrity Air:


– Providing free, in-home estimates.
– During a repair, our goal is to diagnose the problem within the first hour. We then try to have every tool and part to-hand to get your heating and air system back up and running, rapidly.
– We set everything up to work with your schedule.
– Our office staff and repair/installation crew are very easy to work with.
– The Integrity Air team is extremely knowledgable and can repair pretty much any AC, heat pump, or furnace system out there.
– When installing a heating or air system, we work with brands that we know and trust.
– Integrity Air provides customized & affordable maintenance plans.
– Our in-depth, full-service air conditioning and furnace cleaning is specifically designed to extend the life of your unit and system.
– We are happy to work with you or with your contractor during a remodel or new home build.
– We have partnered with Wells Fargo to provide financing options.
– Our friendly staff is proud to provide timely responses and to answer any questions you may have.
– All of our work is fully OSHA compliant and done to the highest standards.
– Every one of our customers is our neighbor. We are genuinely happy to work with you.