Top Signs You Need a Heat Pump Repair

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The Top Signs that You Need a Heat Pump Repair

When it comes to heat pump repair in Portland, our team knows what to look for when your system needs a tune-up or some TLC. In this article, we’re discussing the signs you need to take note of that indicate it is time for a repair.

Integrity Air is the preferred HVAC company for heat pump repair. In Portland and elsewhere in the Willamette Valley, we help homeowners and businesses with HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation. We have the tools, tricks, and experience necessary to ensure your heat pump repair is done properly and leaves you with a warm, cozy space.

You may be unfamiliar with the inner workings of your heat pump, repair options, and common signs that your system needs attention from an experienced expert. Keep reading to learn more about your heat pump and discover the major signs that indicate it is time for a professional repair.

This article will help you:

  • Learn more about your system and how it operates
  • Identify if it is time for a repair
  • Feel confident moving forward with a repair
  • Get in touch with Integrity if you need heat pump repair in Portland
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What is a Heat Pump?

Before we dive into the five signs to look for that you need a repair, let’s take a look at what a heat pump is and how it operates. A heat pump is a part of an HVAC system that is installed on the exterior of your home. It is capable of providing both heating and cooling for your home.

During the winter months, the system pulls heat into your home and pushes cold air outdoors. In the summer, the system reverses, pulling cool air into your home and expelling the hot air outdoors.

Heat pumps are powered by electricity and use refrigerant to keep the system running. These systems are ideal for homeowners that need both heating and cooling, but don’t want to hassle with separate units. These all-in-one systems are also environmentally friendly since they do not burn fossil fuels like furnaces.

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Heat Pump Repair: 5 Signs to Notice

While there are several different signs that may indicate it is time for a repair, there are usually five main ones we tell our clients to watch out for. If you notice any of the following signs described below, get in touch with our team in Portland today to schedule your heat pump repair.

1 – Aging System

HVAC systems are not meant to last forever. Every year, your system pumps for days on end, if not weeks, during some of the more extreme weather months. Over time, your system will inevitably lose efficiency or fail to run properly. Heat pumps, in particular, are only meant to last around 15 years or so. If you just moved into your home or you don’t know how old your heat pump is, contact our team for an estimate on its age and evaluation of its efficiency.

2 – Excessive Noise

If your heat pump is making strange noises, unfamiliar sounds, or any concerning clangs, bangs, or clicks, be sure to have a professional stop by to check it out ASAP. Although some noise is normal for any HVAC system, they shouldn’t make new or alarming sounds.

3 – Reduced Heat Output

If you’ve noticed a reduction in the overall heat output from your heat pump, there is a good chance a repair is in your near future. Reduced heat is usually a sign that your heat pump is lacking efficiency due to age or a faulty part. An HVAC tech will be able to determine why your heat pump is not working as well and whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

4 – Higher Electricity Bill

At the same time you notice your heat pump not working as well, you may also notice a rise in your energy bills. As your heat pump works harder to try and heat your home, your monthly bill will usually reflect this. A rising energy bill, combined with less heat output, typically signals a heat pump repair is necessary ASAP.

5 – Short Cycling

A worn heat pump will struggle to maintain a full heating or cooling cycle. If your system is constantly shutting on and off, or turns off before the house has reached the desired temperature, a repair can fix the problem. Contact an HVAC technician right away if you notice that short cycling has become an everyday issue.

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Schedule Heat Pump Repair | Portland, OR

Now that you know the five signs that indicate it is time for a heat pump repair, get in touch with our team in Portland today! We identify problems with your system, work quickly to repair the problem, and ensure your home is comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Our HVAC technicians have years of experience with heat pump repair, maintenance, and tune-ups. We know how important it is that your system works properly and efficiently. That is why we always work diligently to get your heat pump repair done as quickly as possible. With our exceptional attention to detail and commitment to outstanding customer service, you can expect a long-lasting heat pump repair that will keep your system up and running.

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