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You could do all the necessary furnace maintenance: replace the air filters, clean the vents, and call for a regular inspection. However, you may still need a furnace repair from time to time. It’s for that reason that we recommend having Integrity Air on speed dial for furnace repair services.

We are your dependable, local HVAC professionals in Tigard, Oregon. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be working right, have our team come take a peek. We’ll diagnose the problem, repair it, and get your heat back up and running in record time. Not only do we offer excellent customer service, but we also take pride in making sure the furnace repair is done right the first time around. The furnace repair cost will be well worth it!

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Common Furnace Issues


The most obvious sign of needing furnace repair services is outrageous energy bills. If your electric bills have jumped suddenly after you’ve had the heat on more, there could be underlying furnace problems at hand.

Here are some other reasons to get your furnace inspected and repaired:

Your house still feels cold even with the heat on.

The most common reason for a cold house, even while the heat is going, is a clogged filter or burner. It’s also possible that your thermostat is to blame. Integrity Air is happy to take a look and see what’s going on with your heating system so that we can get it working again as quickly as possible before the temperature starts to drop more. Furnace repairs are our specialty!

Ac Problems and Solutions

It smells like metal is burning.

Burning smells aren’t always a cause for concern. However, they should be investigated at the very least. If you smell metal burning from within your furnace or vents, your heating system could have overheated, or you might have another electrical issue. Our certified HVAC professionals will perform a complete diagnostic to find out what’s wrong with your furnace and determine how we can get it fixed fast.

Your furnace won’t stop switching on and off.

This furnace repair issue often indicates something is wrong with your thermostat, or there’s a clogged furnace filter. It’s also possible that your furnace is the wrong size for your home, which is why it’s essential to work with a trusted furnace installation company, such as Integrity Air. We’ll make sure the furnace fits and repair it if any other problems arise. We can work with an old furnace and a new furnace alike.

The burner flame is yellow.

A functioning furnace has a blue burner flame. If it turns yellow, contact us right away for a furnace repair. This can signify carbon monoxide is present, which you won’t be able to see or smell. Carbon monoxide is deadly. Don’t let the flame stay yellow. Work with the professionals to get it blue again and to keep your family and pets in safe hands.

Your home feels stuffy all the time.

Your heating unit is instrumental to your air quality. If it’s hard to breathe in your home, you may need a furnace repair. Furnaces can distribute allergens (e.g., pet dander and animal hair), dust, and debris right back into your home if they’re not cleaned properly. Your filter might need a good cleaning, or there could be something wrong with your system. Either way, we’re happy to look into it.

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Let’s Get Your Furnace Fixed Right Away | Tigard, OR

Furnace Emergency Repair Services When You Need Them

If something in your home smells like gas, and you can’t place your finger on it, turn off your heating system immediately, and contact Integrity Air, your local Tigard HVAC company. A gas odor could indicate a gas leak somewhere in your house, which is dangerous for everyone.

Another reason to schedule an emergency furnace repair is if your furnace won’t turn on. This is especially important here in the Pacific Northwest, where the temperatures can fall quickly in the winter.

Further, if your furnace has been making any banging sounds, it’s possible your furnace is loose or having an internal issue. Getting a qualified furnace repair company to look into these issues before they become bigger problems is crucial. Not only is it a smart preventive action, but it also helps ensure your family’s safety. Book your furnace repair, and let’s get your furnace problems straightened out right away!

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Reasons to Consider Integrity Air

We offer:

20+ Years of Experience

Our HVAC professionals have been repairing furnaces in Tigard for more than two decades. We’re from the area, and we are dedicated to giving our friends and neighbors the comfortable indoor temperatures they deserve.

Experts in Heating and Cooling

Have a furnace or heat pump that needs servicing? Maybe you need help with your cooling system. Either way, we have you covered! Our team works with a long list of heating and cooling units, and we’d love to help you out.

High-Quality Services

We’ve been performing furnace repairs for a long time, and we know how to spot common furnace problems and not-so-common ones. Integrity Air strives to provide nothing but the highest level of service for our customers.

Excellent Customer Service

We don’t just offer dependable heating services. We also offer great customer service. We know you have options when it comes to heating companies in Tigard, and we do our best to live up to our name and standards to give you a great experience from the moment you call us.

Financing Available

At Integrity Air, we believe everyone is entitled to the best heating. That means that if the numbers aren’t working out for you, you can still apply for financing. We offer convenient financing options for your HVAC system, and the best part is that you can complete the application right from your couch.

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If you’re in need of a quality furnace repair service in Tigard, Integrity Air is the only call you’ll need to make. Our certified and experienced furnace technicians cover a variety of furnaces, giving you peace of mind that whatever type of heating unit you use, we know how to work it.

Not only can we repair the overall heating system, but we also take care of the thermostat. Getting the right temperature is easy when you have a heating repair specialist. We’re timely, proactive, and focused on helping your HVAC system work right again. Ready to get your furnace repaired? Need emergency furnace repairs? Reach out for a free quote today for a furnace repair in Tigard, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, or another surrounding city.

FAQs About Furnace Repairs

What is the most common problem with furnaces?

Some things we run into a lot are ductwork in need of cleaning and dirty filters that need to be replaced. Other common problems with furnaces include thermostat issues, a damaged blower, and problems with the heat exchanger.

What is the most expensive part to fix on a furnace?

That would be the circuit board, blower motor, and draft inducer motor. However, rest assured that whatever type of furnace repair you need, we’ll do our best to advise you of your options and keep the costs as low as possible.

What usually fails on a furnace?

It depends! The most common things that fail are igniters, flame sensors, blower motors, inducer motors, and circuit boards, among others. These all fail for different reasons. One of the best ways to prevent furnace failures is to schedule regular furnace maintenance and furnace repairs if you ever notice a problem.

Now, we know there are other HVAC companies in Portland, but we’d be honored if you considered us. We take care of everything from furnace repairs to air conditioning, heat pumps, central air, HVAC installations, and more. That means all your heating and cooling systems are covered when you choose Integrity Air.

Is it worth fixing a 20-year-old furnace?

In general, it’s recommended to get a new furnace after it has surpassed its lifespan (usually 20-30 years) or when it’s close to that number (e.g., 15 years) and has consistent issues. Our experienced furnace technicians can let you know if it’s worth fixing your furnace or whether a furnace replacement is in order. Schedule a service call today!

What is the average furnace repair cost?

The cost depends on what type of furnace you have and the exact repair issue. For example, an electric furnace repair could be anywhere from $50-$300+, while a gas furnace repair could be anywhere from $300-$1,200+.