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Have you ever heard of a ductless mini-split system? Are you curious to know more about how they operate or how they might work for your household? Our experts at Integrity Air LLC have installed mini-split systems for residents across Vancouver and the greater Portland metro area for years. This type of system is often ideal for homeowners in this region for several reasons. Keep reading to find out if a mini-split system is right for your household.

In this article, you will learn all about ductless mini-split systems, their benefits, and how one of our experts at Integrity Air LLC can help you install a system of your own. Read more about how these systems operate, then be sure to schedule an installation with one of our HVAC experts in Vancouver today!

How a Ductless Mini-Split System Works

Ductless mini-split systems are a kind of heating and cooling system that homeowners and businesses might choose to install. Each system consists of two parts — an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The two parts work together to keep certain rooms of your home at a specific temperature.

For the indoor unit, or the portion that delivers warm or cool air, homeowners have a couple of different options. Most connect right onto the wall, while others can be installed on the ceiling. The air comes in through the top of the unit and is blown over a coil that either warms or cools the air. Then, the air is pushed into your home through an opening at the bottom of the indoor unit.

The outdoor unit, or the compressor, is the portion that makes the unit functional. It essentially works as the ‘engine’ of the system to bring air to the indoor portion. With the two units split in this way, homeowners can enjoy a highly efficient heating and cooling system that is cost-effective and quiet.

Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

With a mini-split system installation, you will find that there are a number of benefits that you and your loved ones will enjoy. Mini-split systems have been a great addition for countless households, and your family will undoubtedly love using this type of system for the following reasons:

  • Cost-Effective & Affordable
    Mini-split systems are highly cost-effective and affordable. Even though they are a newer technology, they are not nearly as labor-intensive as other systems. By installing one or several of these units in your home, you will ultimately save on installation and labor costs. Additionally, you will save money in the long run. Mini-split systems are very efficient and maximize the amount of energy you receive compared to how much you actually spend. Over time, your energy bills will remain low while your home stays as warm or as cool as you prefer.
  • No Need for Duct Work on Home
    In addition to saving on costs for installation and labor, you will spare yourself the headache of having to have ductwork installed in your home. Not only is this expensive and time-consuming, but it can also be a poor option for certain homeowners. With ductless mini-split systems, you can install an efficient heating and cooling system in any type of home, whether it is new construction or an older home. Retrofitting older homes with a mini-split system is a great alternative to installing a traditional AC or heating unit that requires ductwork. Mini-split systems are less invasive and don’t require the kind of construction needed when installing traditional units. You can maintain the structural integrity of your home, yet still take advantage of the latest heating and cooling technology.
  • Little to No Noise
    By splitting up the indoor and outdoor units, you can eliminate some of the noise you might expect with other traditional heating and cooling systems. Window units, for example, are notorious for being loud. With mini-split systems, however, the noisy portion is outside, eliminating noise. However, you will find that most compressor units are completely noiseless.
  • Heat Basements & Other Spaces
    Ductless mini-split systems can be especially useful for heating or cooling attics, basements, and other spaces, like garages or sheds. Rooms that are difficult to reach by way of traditional ductwork can easily be temperature controlled using a mini-split system. Basements, in particular, pose a challenge for homeowners to keep comfortable. If your basement is encased in concrete or has other structural features, a mini-split system is a great way to keep it warm or cool, depending on the season.
  • Multiple Units for One Compressor
    With a ductless mini-split system, you can power up to eight different units using one compressor. This means that you can have eight separate units throughout different rooms of your home that are all powered by one outdoor compressor. This helps you get the most out of your compressor and customize the temperature of individual rooms as you see fit.
  • Individual Temperatures for Every Room
    One of the greatest benefits of owning and operating a mini-split system is the ability to completely customize the temperature of each room in your home. Some rooms may be particularly drafty and require more heat, while others may overheat quickly and require less heat. With this kind of system, you can program each room to have a set and consistent temperature.
  • Remote Controls
    Most ductless mini-split systems come with remote control options. This makes it easy to change the temperature or turn the unit on or off from any location in the room. Using a remote is convenient, quick, and simply makes life a little easier.
  • Easy to Maintain
    Mini-split systems only require maintenance about once or twice a year. Cleaning out the filter will help keep the system running properly and is typically the only maintenance task that is routinely required. Cleaning the filter is generally a quick and easy process.

Consider a Mini-Split System for Your Home

A ductless mini-split system is a great addition to any household. This is especially true if you want to upgrade your AC or heating unit, but don’t want to go through the hassle of installing ductwork throughout your home. You will save on labor and installation costs and deliver warm or cool air right to where it is needed most. With the cost savings over time, you won’t regret installing this kind of system.

Homeowners of all kinds can benefit from having a mini-split system. You and your family members will love the ability to customize each room, maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home, and change the settings as necessary using a convenient remote control. If you have been considering a ductless mini-split system installation for a while, now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Don’t forget that a mini-split system is easy to maintain, especially compared to other types of HVAC units. As long as you remember to clean the filter at least once or twice a year, you shouldn’t have any extensive maintenance issues to worry about. Unlike other AC and heating units, these systems are more straightforward. Since they incorporate the latest heating and cooling technology, they are not likely to break down as often or require as much upkeep. With all the perks that come with ductless mini-split systems, there is no reason not to consider making the upgrade.


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