Finding The Right Portland HVAC Company

If you need to replace your heating system this winter, you can t to install a new HVAC
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It’s important that you can have an HVAC company that you can rely on, especially over time as your equipment may require maintenance or the need for a new unit installation arises. When searching the Portland area for a great HVAC company, consider these three points.

Maintenance and Installation Schedule Availability

This might at first sound obvious or even like a silly criteria, but the ability for your HVAC company to send a technician to your home or business within a timely scope is important. If you’re not able to schedule a much-needed repair or install until much further out than you could end up in an inconvenient spot. In addition, if your scheduled time gets moved back or continues to get rescheduled it could turn an inconvenience into an urgent situation. The ability for your HVAC company to have availability, be flexible with your schedule and responsive to your inquiries is very important, but can often be overlooked

AC and Heater Maintenance Plan Options

Another perhaps not apparent aspect you can use to discern if an HVAC company is the right fit is by taking a look at their maintenance plans. Many AC and furnace companies will offer maintenance contracts, telling you that you need regular, yearly or twice-yearly, maintenance on your systems. If they are doing little more than clean your unit’s filter, this may be true. However, a maintenance plan should contain much more than a quick, five-minute cleaning twice a year.
Unfortunately, many maintenance plans are a bit of a rip-off, set up just to up-sell you on other units or repairs. Some are even outright scams. If you experience high-pressure sales tactics, are told that if something isn’t repaired immediately – your whole system will fall apart, or are told that, though your system is fixed, the changes won’t show up for a few days – you are getting scammed. We recommend taking advantage of Integrity Air’s free bids to get a second opinion.

Company Track Record

Taking a look at the company’s track record sounds obvious, but there’s a few aspects of this to consider. Average rating is the instant number most people look at when looking at company reviews. This can be a good indicator, but it can also be misleading. If a company has only a handful of reviews, each review carries a lot more weight on the overall rating. A statistician would say that there’s not enough data to draw a meaningful conclusion. Another interesting aspect to consider is if the company has a lot of reviews, what their recent reviews have been despite what their overall rating indicates. In other words, some companies go through changes, new management, restructuring, etc, and this reflects in recent reviews but doesn’t yet heavily impact overall average rating. This could mean that there was a change for the worse or for the better. Taking a few extra seconds to glance at recent reviews can help to give you a better idea of what you can expect from your next potential HVAC COmpany