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Air Conditioning Installation 101

At some point or another, Portland, Oregon homeowners may find themselves grappling with the choice of whether or not to get air conditioning installed. Most homes in this area do not have central heating or air conditioning installed. Lack of any kind of AC can make the summer months extra hot, even if you have fans blowing constantly.

If you recently moved into your home in the great PNW and find yourself missing the cool, refreshing feel that only an air conditioning installation can offer, you’re not alone. At Integrity Air, we find ourselves installing air conditioning units more and more each year for local homeowners.

Even though two or three months out of the year can get pretty hot in Portland, air conditioning installations are a lifesaver during the summer season. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking the right air conditioning installation.

This handy article describes some of the top units you may want to consider, the costs you can expect, as well as the benefits you will enjoy when you upgrade your home with a professional air conditioning installation. Portland homeowners and those elsewhere benefit from the expertise divulged in this article, so read on!

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Popular Residential Air Conditioning Installations

Here are some of the most popular air conditioning installations you might consider:

Central Air
Central air conditioning installations require that ductwork already be in place or that it is constructed. Central air combines multiple parts to keep the system running smoothly, including an outdoor unit connected to an exterior wall or roof, intricate duct and vent systems, and more.

Ductless, or Mini-Split, Systems
Ductless air conditioning installations are just that — ductless. They operate via individual units that are placed on the wall of each room in your home. These units operate independently, making it easy to keep some rooms colder or warmer than others.

Window Units
Window units are common for apartment complexes and single room cooling. These units are small enough to fit in a window and powerful enough to keep individual rooms cool.

Portable Units
Portable units are small, self-contained units that are best reserved for cooling one room at a time or a small apartment. These units need to be plugged in and close to a window so hot air can be funneled out.

Hybrid Air Conditioners
These air conditioning installations alternate between fossil fuel usage and electricity to save money. During the summer, hybrid units pull heat out of your home and expel it outside. In the wintertime, the system reverses and pulls heat from outside and into your home.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Units
These are some of the latest and greatest air conditioning installations you can find. Geothermal heating extracts heat from the ground to warm your home in the winter. In the summer, the system expels heat out of your house and back into the ground. These units are considered the most environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable of all models on the market.

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Should I Consider a Ductless Air Conditioning Installation?

If you have been on the hunt for the right air conditioning installation for some time, you have likely heard the term “ductless” more than a handful of times. Ductless air conditioning installations, or mini-split systems, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially if you live in Portland, a ductless system should be considered for several reasons.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Installs

1 – Built-in Zoning
With a mini-split system, you have full control over the temperature in each room. Using individual remote controls, you can raise or lower the temperature according to how each room feels, rather than setting your entire home to one setting.
2 – Less Energy is Wasted
Ductless systems give you a lot of peace of mind. With a traditional duct system, you always run the risk of duct leaks or other problems in the ductwork. Wear and tear or certain malfunctions in the ducts over time can lead to increased energy costs.
3 – Multiple Evaporators, One Condenser
When you install a mini-split system, one outdoor condenser can operate four or more evaporators. This gives you a lot of bang for your buck since one condenser is powerful enough to operate multiple condensers.
4 – Great for Older Homes
Portland homeowners may not have duct systems in their homes. Duct installations are not only extremely pricey, but they can also lead to more problems than they are worth. Mini-splits offer a noninvasive, simplistic way to heat and cool your home without the hassle of ducts.

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How Much Does an Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

If you are like most homeowners, the cost of your air conditioning installation is the first question on your mind.

Depending on the unit you choose, especially if you are choosing between ductless or duct options, prices will vary considerably. We encourage you to call our office for an approximate quote. We value your time and budget and prefer to speak to clients directly about their estimated price. We also have Special Financing options that can help alleviate some of the pressure you may feel when it comes to cost.

Give us a call today or check out our Special Financing page for more information.

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