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Do you live in one of the many Pacific Northwest homes that weren’t built for AC? Perhaps, your office space wasn’t, either. Many older homes and businesses here in the Portland area don’t have ducts or any central heating or air, making it a challenge to keep your home or office at the right temp without racking up the energy bills.

That’s where ductless systems come in. A ductless mini-split helps you avoid energy loss from the air passing through the ducts. That means lower electric bills and a more consistent, comfortable temperature. If you need a qualified HVAC professional to install your ductless system so that you can start reaping the benefits, contact Integrity Air today.



Why choose ductless?

Mini-splits are ideal if your home or office utilizes a duct-free system, such as space heating (propane, wood, etc.), for warmth. They’re also useful if you have added to your home or office, and additional ductwork there is just not an option. 

What are the primary benefits of a ductless mini-split? 

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

You can have as many as four or five indoor units for every outdoor unit, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your liking for every room in the house. That means the heating and cooling won’t be the same in all rooms (unless you set it up that way), which helps you keep your utility costs down. 

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Compact and Versatile

Ductless mini-splits are small but powerful. They take up almost no space, which makes them easy to maneuver. You can install them on your ceiling or wall–wherever is easiest for you. You can also control everything from a remote, making it easy to use, even if the system is up high and out of reach. 

Elevated Air Quality

Central AC and heating systems circulate the air that passes in your ducts throughout your home. That exposes you to allergens, dirt, dust, and other things that can make it tricky to breathe your best. With a ductless mini-split, however, the air filters room by room. That ensures cleaner air for everyone. 

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

Ductwork can be both pricey and time-consuming to install. If you don’t have any ducts in your home now, a ductless mini-split system can save you time and money. Not only is it an affordable option that replaces the need for central air, but it’s also simple to upkeep. You can generally clean it at home by yourself, or of course, you can call your local HVAC company if you need some extra help or have questions.


While many air conditioners can be loud and obnoxious at times, you don’t have to worry about that with a ductless mini-split. Most models are ultra quiet to ensure your ultimate comfort at home. This is convenient in areas of your house where you need the most silence (e.g., your baby’s room or your office).

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Ductless systems feature up to five indoor units for a single outdoor unit. This allows them to heat or cool a zone in your home or office where there are no ducts. The installation is straightforward and won’t take a lot of time out of your day. 

We’ll put an outdoor unit outside your home or office and connect it to an indoor unit through a small, barely noticeable hole in the wall. We’re happy to put your indoor unit on your ceiling or wall, wherever you prefer, and we’ll help you set it up at automatic temperatures or show you how to work everything with a remote control. 


Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Integrity Air offers years of experience in installing and repairing HVAC systems. We can put together your ductless mini-split system and help you steer clear of the usual pitfalls that come with poor installation (e.g., problems with your heating and cooling, which can increase your energy costs).

Contact our HVAC team today to learn how to keep your home or office at the perfect temperature all season. If your central air system isn’t performing like it used to, or you’re not sure if you have ducts in place now, contact our team. We’re here to help.